About Us

Who is BCS Engineering

We are a family run business, located in Athens, Ohio dedicated to providing high quality websites built with PinnacleCart Software, X-cart Software and Expression Engine. We provide High Quality Pinnaclecart, X-cart and Expression Engine hosting. BCS Engineering also provides extensive high quality network design and engineering solutions. Each of the business owners have more than 15 years experience working in the networking and web solution fields.

Carrie has been developing web sites since 1995. She started out with simple web sites for student organizations at Ohio University and was hired on as the Russ College of Engineering and Technology webmaster at Ohio University. She worked as webmaster for the Russ College for over 5 years creating and maintaining hundreds of web pages while completing her degree in Electrical Engineering and starting her Masters in Electrical Engineering. Since then, she has completed her Masters in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University while running BCS Engineering.

Brandon has been developing and designing networks since 1996. He designs wireless networks, LAN networks while implementing Quality of Service (QoS) on these networks and Network Monitoring. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Networks and also has his Masters in Electrical Engineering.

When designing networks and web solutions, we design them to fit the customer's needs keeping in mind future expansions possibilities as well as customer's budget. We have developed network solutions for locations that contain just one computer, all the way up to networks with 30,000+ machines. Our experience in web design includes simple web sites in just HTML all they way up to web sites that provide custom web store solutions.

Meet the Staff at BCS Engineering

Carrie Saunders - Partner & Engineer

Brandon Saunders - Partner & Engineer 


Lori Carpenter - Administrative Assistant / Store Manager

Henry Hanna - Software Engineer

Lynn Hanna - Accountant

Gary Jolley - Support Administrator

Terry Kelleher - Senior Engineer

Nick Poindexter - Network Engineer

Stacy Sater - Project Manager

Joel Schopis - Software Engineer

J.D. Tysko - Software Engineer